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posted: 8/19/2014 5:01 AM

Vote out politicians who have no guts

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Durbin and the other politicians of this country, both state and federal, along with the media are playing us for dummies again. They make Walgreen out to be the bad guy to divert attention from the fact that they are too gutless to close the loopholes in the tax laws. Who were the people who wrote the laws to favor certain companies, and passed various corporate welfare laws in the first place? You're right, the same politicians who will not stand up for simplifying and making our tax laws clearer and fairer for everyone.

If they did that, they might make some people angry and lose votes, donations, rides on corporate jets or special privileges and accommodations for themselves and their families and risk losing their job. Or, just maybe they would free all of us.

How about we tell Mr. Durbin (the second-most powerful man in the Senate) and all the other pols to stop the blather and reform the tax code, so all pay their fair share with no special considerations, and get government out of the business of picking winners and losers by passing tax laws that do nothing but put politicians in charge and fill their campaign coffers. I for one am tired of hearing pols whine about how awful business is, when it is they who are making it possible to game the system. They could stop it tomorrow if they wanted to, but they haven't got the fortitude or care enough to do it.

Wake up folks. It's the gutless, lifetime politicians who are at fault here. If you vote for them, and don't insist on true reform, you deserve what you get.

Robert Williams

Rolling Meadows

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