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posted: 8/19/2014 5:01 AM

'Only' 6 years to let Bush off the hook

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What right does Commander-in-Chief Obama have to insert pre-emptive airstrikes and send ground troops into Iraq? Has Iraq's democratically-elected leader Malaki asked for U.S. military aid? No. The Iraq military is doing its own airstrikes?

Why should American jet pilots risk their lives for America's unrequested arrival into Iraq's business. Isn't Iraq a sovereign nation? Let's give peace a chance in Iraq? War isn't the answer. What's the military name of this recent entry into Iraq? It's been given no name. Obama doesn't want it to look "military." He says it's humanitarian help we're giving by rocketing ISIS targets from F-18s.

By the way does any of this sound familiar? Pre-emptive, sovereign nation, peace not war, diplomacy not ground troops. Now the liberals can figure out how to spin Obama's pre-emptive military strikes into Iraq as humanitarian help.

Now our State Department can explain how the democratically elected leader of Iraq has fallen from grace. Didn't we want democracy in Iraq? So now it's Obama's war in Iraq. Finally, it only took six years. That means when Hillary's elected president and doesn't know what to with an ongoing religious civil war in Iraq, she must blame Obama for the war she inherited from him. Bush is finally off the hook. It took only six years. I wonder how long it will take for Obama to be relieved of his guilt when Iraq's woes become Clinton's war?

Paul O. Bischoff


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