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posted: 8/18/2014 5:01 AM

Immigration must be done properly

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After the Korean War, Ike sent 13 million illegal immigrants home. The troops came home and were in need of jobs.

The Democratic Party wants to grant immunity to all illegal immigrants. This is nothing more than buying votes with taxpayer dollars. We have millions of our citizens on welfare and food stamps as well as unemployment benefits and Social Security. Our national debt is eating us alive. We must get realistic. The giveaway programs are destroying us. Safety nets are needed, but welfare is out of control. People who are able to work must accept jobs and not welfare. Those here illegally must return home.

I was born in 1927. I know what hard times are. Socialism is destroying this nation.

Mexico and Central America expect us to grant immunity to their citizens. These leaders are as crooked as corkscrews and are not really our friends. We grant them aid and trade under the NAFTA agreement, and yet they stick it to us.

Immigration in the past was done on a quota system. It seems that it worked well. They were able to keep people with diseases and criminals out. Immigrants were required to have sponsors. I believe in immigration but done the right way.

We have no leadership. We have a Constitution that has worked well for over 200 hundred years, and now we have so-called leaders violating it though they took an oath of office. This is treason, the way I see it.

Lawrence F. Boni


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