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posted: 8/9/2014 1:01 AM

Simply pity these pathetic creatures

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One need only experience Dinesh D'Souza's "America." Imagine the world without her to fall in love with this great land once again.

Observe perennial malcontents Ward Churchill, Bill Ayers and Michael Moore, spoiled brats living large off the same free market capitalistic system they detest, vilify, openly undermine; wanton hypocrisy on parade.

Where else does a nation of free citizens sustain/nurture an all-volunteer military prepared to give that last full measure of devotion in defense of dissident, ungrateful miscreants advocating the utter destruction of our cherished way of life?

We must simply pity these pathetic creatures, empty suits desperately pursuing notoriety, celebrity in the marketplace of ideas. Our Founders risked all to craft the masterpiece of self-governance guaranteeing their freedom of expression, our military/first responders and true patriots pay the ultimate price to preserve that precious right and it falls to the engaged, informed, dedicated citizenry to expose the pitiful phonies, thankless parasites.

Consider limitless opportunity for those with a work ethic, free/open debate of critical issues in an arena void of destructive censorship or fear of reprisal, all deeply emboldened with a storied legacy of selfless sacrifice by those who have gone before.

What a country!

William G. Parrot


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