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posted: 8/3/2014 12:01 AM

Just say 'stop' to Israel

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Just say 'stop' to Israel

Many of us learned this story in church school when we were little.

About 2.000 years Before Christ, the Israelites followed Moses out of Egypt and made their way to the land of Canaan, also called Palestine. They wanted that lovely land between the east edge of the Mediterranean Sea and the River Jordan. But there were people living there already -- The Palestinians or Canaanites.

The Israelites claimed that their god had promised them that land, and they cruelly attacked the Palestinians and conquered the land.

Now, in our era, in the l950s, the Israelites, or Hebrews, came from all over Europe and other places to that land of Palestine. And they wanted it. But there were people living there already -- the Palestinians. The Israelis squeezed the Palestinians into two small corners of Palestine, bulldozed their homes, limited their means of earning a living and now they are even bombing and killing the civilian people.

The Israelis say that they are bombing Hamas, but we know from our news reports that they are slaughtering mothers and dads, grandmas and small children. They are using the most sophisticated, the deadliest, weapons that American money can buy. After all the billions of taxpayers´ dollars that we have given to Israel´s war machine, it seems that we, the U.S., should have some influence. It seems that we should have the power to say to Israel: Stop!

Inez Tornblom


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