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posted: 8/2/2014 1:01 AM

Why fashion agenda to placate liberals?

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In Froma Harrop's fevered imagination, the Democratic Party is a "sleeping bear" which Tea Party conservatives risk waking with their "blabbering mouths" and efforts at "self-aggrandizement."

No. The Democratic Party is, most certainly, more like a rabid skunk which has been spoiling the great American picnic for the past 100 years.

She thinks that calling for the president's impeachment will spur African-Americans to vote against Republicans. She also opines that conservative attacks on single women who use contraceptives will motivate that constituency, too.

Of course, Harrop does not want impeachment of Barack Obama. He is her kind of guy. But, he now has a record of malice and mendacity. Consequently, impeachment looms as a real possibility. Has Obama really faithfully executed the laws of the federal government, as he promised under oath? Doesn't the role of the IRS in targeting conservative groups mean anything? What about the Bengazi cover-up?

Regarding contraception, I hope the reader noticed how Harrop phrased her accusation -- as an attack on single women, not as another burden for taxpayers and employers to bear. Contraceptives do not heal any medical condition. They do the opposite. They interfere with a natural process in a healthy body.

Single women face economic distress with pregnancy because they hook up with irresponsible and immoral men. Birth control and Democrats' social engineering will not solve that problem.

Not too long ago, Gallup found that 40 percent identified themselves as conservative in contrast to 20 percent who identified themselves as liberal. So, why should Tea Party conservatives and Republicans fashion their agenda to placate Democrats?

George Kocan


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