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posted: 8/2/2014 1:01 AM

Yes, respect beliefs on all sides

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Just finished your article in today's Herald's Opinion section. Spot on, ladies and gentlemen! Absolutely spot on!

I wasn't sure at first, but as I continued to read I was quite pleased! What caught my attention was the statement that said: "Churches have that right and we, while strongly supporting same-sex marriage, also appreciate the notion that the civil right to marriage does not mean churches have to change their long-held beliefs."

As a 62-year-old Catholic married to a Protestant, I have been disturbed by the recent trend that promotes alternate lifestyles by criticizing those who feel differently, to the point of taking them to court because they wouldn't bake a cake for their wedding.

What bugs me is when I am called an intolerant religious extremist just because I believe some choices do not match my view of morality. If gays have the right to their opinions and choices, don't I as well? It doesn't mean I hate them or judge them; it just means I disagree with their choice.

Finally, let me say that your closing statement hits the nail on the head: "We are not judging Collette or Holy Family. We encourage others not to judge as well."

Let's leave that up to God, as we each understand Him.

Charlie Burke

Lake Villa

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