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posted: 8/1/2014 12:01 AM

Civilians defending themselves every day

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Civilians defending themselves every day

Concerning Mr. Zlotow's assertion (Fencepost July 21) that "odds are it (weapon carried) will more likely be used to one's detriment rather than one's benefit, and the detriment of the public as well."

I wonder what news, documentation, or whatever source, he derived this from. It has been documented that those states with concealed carry laws have seen decreases in violent crime rates -- Ohio and Florida among them.

I must assume that Mr. Zlotow advocates against self protection during home invasion (just let them have their way), parking lot assaults, etc. I have heard a saying that "when seconds count the police are only minutes away."

There are incidents reported every day of civilians successfully defending themselves and their families through the use of a weapon. Recently, an example of self-protection was reported in St. Clair County, Illinois by TV station KTVI regarding the 72-year-old who shot a man who had just broken down his back door.

Should he have just stood aside and hoped that neither he or his wife would have been harmed? I think not.

And in Detroit a 51 year old woman (armed) was accosted by two men as she exited her car in her driveway. She was shot three times but managed to wound both of them. She and the men all survived the incident. A terrible experience, yes, but who was wrong?

Incidentally, in Indiana, the number of women who have obtained carry permits has risen 42 percent over last year.

Don Buck


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