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posted: 7/31/2014 12:01 AM

Why not ban alcohol, tobacco, too?

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Why not ban alcohol, tobacco, too?

The St. Charles City Council has refused to allow consideration for video poker approval for charitable causes because of the objections of two disgruntled aldermen who oppose even discussing it.

Alderman Rita Anne Payleitner stated, "I am strongly opposed to local government benefiting financially, which we would, on what is always a sucker's game."

If she really means that, then why not demonstrate the courage of her convictions by introducing ordinances to prohibit the sale of all forms of liquor and tobacco in St. Charles? The negatives of video poker pale in comparison to the devastating health consequences and societal costs these two vices bring to a community. I guess some vices are acceptable to her based on the degree to which they financially benefit local government. This is blatant hypocrisy.

Alderman Jim Martin based his opposition on the patronizing statement, "Those who lose money are the people who can least afford it." If that logic is correct then would it not follow that all people who buy liquor in St. Charles are alcoholics and government is facilitating their addictions by allowing its sale?

In my opinion, these aldermen are simply voting their personal prejudices rather than acting in a responsible way by encouraging open public discussion.

This request for approval was on behalf of such groups as Moose, VFW and American Legion. These organizations donate generously to many deserving causes while at the same time struggling for economic survival.

It is my opinion that Martin and Payleitner have shown a pompous arrogance and disregard for these groups. I do not understand why other council members led by the mayor have not stood up against their dictatorial actions and demand that this request receive proper respect and consideration.

Steve Thompson Sr.

South Elgin

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