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posted: 7/30/2014 5:01 AM

Many liberals just don't know the facts

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In response to James Prescott's remarks about my June post on the "gifts" of liberalism. I have insufficient space to show that his every criticism was wrong. So I'll focus on the DDT claim.

Mr. Prescott has company. Mr. Andy Lego replied online with this: "50 million people have died because DDT was banned? That nuts! How could the bugs become immune if DDT has been banned? How delusional is that?

Andy, DDT did not simply disappear. Depending on where it was delivered -- dry land, stagnant water or moving water -- it breaks down in about three to 15 years into three subcomponents: DDD, DDE and DDH. Insects absorb these through water absorption or when they draw blood from animals who have grazed on affected plants. The insects become immune to the subcomponents which are, by themselves, harmless. But once they become immune to any subcomponent, they are immune to the entire complex DDT molecule. This immunity is passed on to their offspring.

James, the World Health Organization didn't restrict DDT, they can use it only in a restricted form -- as a humble insect repellent sprayed on walls, blankets and mosquito nets because it is no longer a viable insecticide due to the immunity described.

Liberal posters continue to affirm the words of Ronald Reagan, "It's not that liberals aren't intelligent, its just that they know so much that isn't so." Friends, we are wasting our time trying to shine the light of truth on liberals who go through life wearing two pairs of sunglasses. We need to find solutions and stop wasting time and effort arguing with liberals.

David Caldarola

Hoffman Estates

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