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posted: 7/28/2014 12:56 PM

2043 can't come quickly enough

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After hearing U.S. Attorney General speak the other day I thought to myself -- the year 2043 can't come fast enough. He spoke of how many of the people who oppose himself and the president -- do so because of the color of their skin.

It's laughable that I can't disagree with the president without being labeled something that I am not. I believe that we should close our borders to everyone. I say nothing for fear of being called anti-Hispanic. Believe in traditional marriage? Bigot -- case closed. It gets really old.

The year 2043 can't come fast enough. You see, 2043 is when the U.S. Census predicts that Caucasians will become the minority in the United States. In 2043 the rants of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton will ring hollow. Their gig will be up. In 2043 I will be old and gray but happy to be in the minority. In 2043 you will find my 80-year-old body picketing outside of the BET and Telemundo network headquarters -- demanding they be thrown off the airwaves immediately -- due to insensitivity toward minorities.

Martin Bradley


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