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posted: 7/27/2014 12:01 AM

Hobby Lobby flap really war on women

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Hobby Lobby flap really war on women

It seems that people do not understand birth control, even the ones Hobby Lobby objects to; it does not cause abortions, it is not medically possible; it merely prevents fertilization, or implantation.

If you want to reduce abortions, then you should want contraception, especially anything that can prevent it from happening, period. Also, the court clarified the next day saying it is for all forms of contraception, and not limited to only Hobby Lobby.

What you really want is to control women from having sex that does not end in getting pregnant. Once again cloaked into something else, your religion, you just want into everyone's private lives.

When you let someone else's religion run your body, and business, be careful, you may not like other religions having a say in your medical life needs. As there are all kinds of restrictions from say, Scientology, or Islam, you will not like that, when that gets imposed on you.

And it has already started, massive lawsuits already have been filed, now all forms of religion will run your life, and you do not even belong to them. This is the slippery slope of which you have opened the door. Your neighbor's religion will be able to impose its wishes on you. Welcome to the new USA.

But, men will still get their pills and pumps for free ... have no fear, it is only woman this is for. Really? No war on women? And why do I have to pay for the male products? Why can't they just pay for them?

We need to reform the insurance companies to make men pay for their own products. It is only fair, is it not?

Wake up ladies this is against you, and no one else.

Fran Quinn


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