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posted: 7/26/2014 1:01 AM

U.S. finally united -- against Obama

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As he said he would, President Obama has united Democrats and Republicans. Within the last six months, both liberals and conservatives have started to speak with one voice against the way he's running the country.

Democrats are beginning to drift away; his honeymoon with the press is over. The nation itself has had it with Obama's disinterest in his job.

How did Messiah fall from grace? Essentially because nothing he's done works. Federally mandated health care is broken. Forget immigration reform while he's president. Now even CNN is covering all the scandals. There's a real breakthrough!

I voted for Barack Obama in Obama in 2008 because I thought America needed a person of color in the White House to reconcile the historic racism against blacks in this country. I voted against him in 2012 because of his record as leader (?) of the free world.

One other way he's united America is to show that our republic's separation of powers really works. When the executive branch goes dysfunctional, the other two branches save the nation. They, not he, are the true messiahs of America by reminding all of us that aloof narcissistic personality cannot an authentic president make. Obama's pre-emptive totalitarian rule "by phone and pen" countered by a two-house Congress and Supreme Court is his real legacy.

After six years, America is united around this -- a republican (small "r") democracy stills works.

Paul O. Bischoff


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