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posted: 7/24/2014 12:01 AM

Administration ineptitude won't end

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Administration ineptitude won't end

When are Americans going to wake up to this administration, led by the president? I can only hope he is naive and/or inexperienced.

At the beginning he said his administration was going to be the most transparent administration. It is at least as closed as any other administration has ever been. When the Hearing Committee wanted to question Eric Holder regarding Fast and Furious, all of a sudden the president and Holder's conversation was protected by executive privilege.

Then there was Bengazi and the administration tried to mislead the public for weeks and over months bits and pieces dribble out causing hearings to drag on and on.

Then the IRS scandal hits. But according to the president, there is not one iota of truth to the scandal. If that is so, why does his administrator, Lois Lerner, plead her innocence before the committee and then take the 5th Amendment and not answer any questions and continue doing so?

Throughout the president's time in office, he has accused the Republican House of being the Do Nothing House. How about the Democratic and Harry Reid-led Senate? The House sent numerous proposals to amend the ACA before it was passed but Harry simply ignored every one of them and allowed none to be brought to the floor for discussion.

The Senate, only a few months ago, finally passed a budget, even though the House sent one to the Senate every year. But Harry simply did nothing except pass one continuing resolution after another during the president's first five years in office.

Meanwhile, the president railed against the Republicans for taking the nation to the brink of default while he keeps on borrowing to pay the bills and putting the nation further in debt all the time.

Phillip E. Ritchey

Glendale Heights

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