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posted: 7/21/2014 5:01 AM

Prove climate change through scientific method

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Just 15,000 years ago the planet warmed 10 degrees. Human actions were not the problem then or now. Volcanic eruptions especially, the ring of fire along the Pacific Rim, spew much unwanted material into the air. Can the scientists stop volcanic eruptions? Can they stop solar eruptions? Since they can't, let's stop wasting time and money on any of it.

There has been no proven climate science. The science is not settled and probably never will be settled. The scientific method is the only way to prove a theory in science. No one has done that with climate change. All we have is a bunch of scientists who pre-agreed to have a consensus without proving the science by an established method. All these scientific frauds want is money to fund their research projects; most of which are not even climate related.

Spending billions on climate change seems to be a waste especially when converting human food into exotic biofuels. I listened to the president preach to an audience that the science is settled; yet he said nothing to prove those statements. CO2 has been labeled the problem, and as I understand it CO2 is necessary for life to exist on our planet. Why then would anyone want to reduce the CO2 level?

Let's stop this nonsense! Pick up your trash, recycle and enjoy living before the next ice age.

Wayne Oras Sr.


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