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posted: 7/18/2014 5:00 AM

Time to stop Bush blame game

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I read the letters to the editor in four newspapers.

Six years later, the left is still blaming Bush for near everything. This happens because they need a scapegoat to draw attention away from administration blunders.

If Republicans speak out and do not support the president, it is a rant or you are a racist. Yes, Bush is responsible for some past problems as were other presidents on the left. Is Bush responsible for current administrations problems -- the IRS, Benghazi, the VA, failed foreign policy, the exchange of three imprisoned killers who will kill again, and billions wasted in the startup of Obamacare and solar energy? This is what happens when leadership takes a vacation and people are in positions not qualified to lead.

A recent poll has Obama five points ahead of Bush for the worst president. With two years left, he can be No. 1. Obama on "Live! with Kelly and Michael" was asked what makes a good president, He replied, "Vision, judgment and persistence. I add common sense and leadership."

I give him persistence. Things to think about -- when Bush left office, gas was $1.88 a gallon. Now gas is $3.75. Obama has now given two oil companies the OK to export oil. That should help prices. The health insurance companies will receive a taxpayer handout to support Obamacare. Who is the real friend of big business?

No, I am not a racist. My choice for president was Herman Cain, a man with a resume to do the job.

John Mayerhofer


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