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posted: 7/17/2014 5:01 AM

We need true patriots running government

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Ever wonder why regardless of who is president we continue the same anti-American policies that chip away at our civil liberties, wealth and freedom? Take for example Bush the younger. Among other things, he promised us no wars, no nation building, smaller government and a strong economy. None of these things ever happened. In fact, the outcomes were 9/11 (sorry, it could have been prevented), Afghanistan Part 1, Iraq Part 1, the Patriot Act, NDAA, Gitmo and a nearly collapsed economy (he didn't see it coming?). Looks like we got Bushwhacked!

For our next act, enter Barack Obama. Let's see, he promised to end the wars, discontinue nation building, and create a vibrant economy with lots more jobs and a restoration of our civil liberties. Great job (at lying), Barack! The economy is worse than ever, ongoing endless wars (Afghanistan Part 2, embarking on Iraq Part 2, and trying for Syria, Ukraine, Iran and maybe Russia), our wealth continues to be severely eroded and we are living in a virtual police state.

And, Obummer wants our guns too. Give me a break! The establishment neocon Republicans and progressive Democrats have been destroying this country for over 100 years, and Wall Street and the military-industrial complex are their masters. What we really need are true liberal and conservative patriots who believe in the Constitution and will serve the people instead of the elite.

George W. Hoeltje


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