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posted: 7/16/2014 5:01 AM

Voters got themselves into this mess

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Jim Peterson admonished his "liberal folks" to vote liberal in order to get their agenda on track in his July 3 letter, However, he overlooked a few salient points. Not all of us want an incompetent federal government making decisions on winners and losers in that industry.

Women's rights in the U.S., though not perfect, are the finest in the world, and I haven't heard anyone saying we should take their health insurance from them or not allow them contraceptives.

Big money is in politics to stay. I am not sure the Tea Party has spent "billions" of dollars trying to destroy the Affordable Care Act or "impeach" anyone. And just who would Jim appoint as judge in deciding what a CEO should make? As for banking, Bill Clinton did that one in the 1990s, and can you name one person in the economic meltdown that Mr. Eric Holder has indicted or brought to trial for misdeeds? And what do you think of our border security and wonderful school systems in our major cities?

Let's quit with the "liberal good, conservative bad" stuff. How about we admonish people to do their civic duty, spend time studying who is running, vote in primaries where the candidates are selected, and then if the person elected turns out to be a turkey, vote him or her out the next election.

The voters of Illinois got paid off with patronage, went to sleep 40 years ago and are now waking up to the nightmare they created. How about we go looking for the right guy and idea instead of a party -- Republican or Democrat, liberal or conservative -- and vote the crooks and deadbeats out. What we have is not one party's fault, but the fault of voters who shirk their civic duty.

Robert Williams

Rolling Meadows

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