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posted: 7/15/2014 5:01 AM

Hobby Lobby's ties to China shameful

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In the wake of the 238th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, I have these thoughts:

Being a veteran of the Cold War in my early 20s, I found out some years after discharge that to sacrifice my life, as I was sworn to do in the 1st Article of the Military Code of Conduct, extended well beyond my individual effort to defeat Communism but to preserve our way of life here at home. This meant keeping jobs in America rather than exporting them overseas, giving workers a livable wage, and providing comprehensive health care that could ensure employment continuity until retirement.

Supporting every aspect of the Bill of Rights, especially the clauses expressly and implicitly stating the establishment of religion, prohibiting its tyranny and allowing its diversity to exist, I find the latest Supreme Court decision, compounded by earlier ones, decimating the First Amendment.

Ever make a trip to Hobby Lobby, never on Sunday, to buy something that no other store had? You would be hard pressed to find an American-made product. In my cursory visits over the past 10 years I found that 98 percent of items were made in China.

Imagine this: that a supposed Christian organization depending on an atheistic country that not only persecutes its own Christian citizens, promotes abortions and limits family size has literally sworn to destroy theist democracies around the world subsidizing such a regime.

To attack Christian women and their families, objecting to any means they use to minimize the effects of a disastrous economy, is not only wholly objectionable but unequivocally unbiblical! Hobby Lobby, in its transient success in this latest decision, has written its own epitaph potentially ensuring China's survival at the expense of America. The lately defrosted Cold War is refreezing, not internationally but here at home.

James D. Cook


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