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posted: 7/13/2014 5:01 AM

Rulings give too much power to religions

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I am sadden by the recent Supreme Court rulings. The latest in a misguided zeal to protect religious freedom has now injected religion into the Constitution.

The Constitution was the secular document that freed men from those who the church determined had the divine right to rule. This was the document that changed the world. It was never intended to be a moral document but an outline of government -- a government separate from any religion.

Many of our Founding Fathers came to the New World to escape religious persecution in Europe. Now with this ruling an individual may, in the cry of religious freedom, overrule the laws of the land. Talk about a slippery slope -- what might this ruling lead to? Will laws have to be reviewed by a religious board? If so, what groups would be on such a board and who would be excluded?

A CEO now may determine insurance coverage for items he deems against his beliefs. How far can this ruling allow individuals to go? What about a CEO who believes science has gone too far interfering with God's will? He may be like great writers Mary Shelley ("Frankenstein") and H.G. Wells ("Island of Dr. Moreau"); both thought science was interfering with God's will with the use of vivisection, creating or preserving life by placing organs from the dead or animal parts in humans. Both are common practices today.

What if this CEO invokes his religious beliefs and refuses to have his employees' coverage for organ transplants or the drugs to keep these gods' aberrations alive. Does this latest ruling allow him to do so?

My fear this court is dimming the Enlightenment, which ignited the torch of man's freedom, and leading us back to the Dark Ages.

Robert Boros

Mount Prospect

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