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posted: 7/9/2014 1:01 AM

Hobby Lobby ruling an attack on rights

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When the Republican majority in the Supreme Court decreed that it was all right for employers to deny certain benefits to their employees' families, even though these benefits were mandated by an American law, it set the stage for an attack on families' rights which is unprecedented in our country's history.

Where do I begin in describing how wrong the Hobby Lobby position is? By making employees pay for legal prescriptions which Hobby Lobby is supposed to cover by law, it is forcing those (who have the American free choice to not reproduce, by the way) to pay extra for that right. A "family" is saying that in order to exercise reproductive freedom, an employee must pay extra. (It isn't as if Hobby Lobby has maternity benefits that would make it easier on any affected family, either.)

So, no matter how you look at it, Hobby Lobby and other "religious" "families" are making life harder for people for whom, I guess, they are supposed to have some regard. It looks like religious freedom trumps individual freedom, kind of like that awful Sheria law the Republicans are so scared of. But I guess if it's OK for Muslim women, it ought to suit the womenfolk in America, too.

Our Democratic representative, Brad Schneider, has promised to fight against this and all other further chipping away at our American rights. If we keep electing representatives with his mindset, we have a chance against the big-money families and corporations that want to turn our rights into "inconveniences" they can remove from our lives, one at a time.....chip ... chip ... chip ...

Georgia Lynn Carrasco


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