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posted: 7/6/2014 5:01 AM

Look more closely at anti-liberal claims

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Mr. Caldarola ("Ponder these 'gifts' of liberalism," June 26) states that a year ago he decided that the Obama administration was the most unethical, immoral and criminal presidency in history. He seems to have skipped over Harding and Nixon, who come to mind. He then lists several example some which are incoherent and others that are just plain wrong.

Fast and Furious was established by George Bush. Eric Holder stopped it after the agent was killed. Republicans cannot seem to utter a sentence without using the word Benghazi. Regardless, it was the Republican-dominated Congress that cut security funds to the State Department.

How easy it is to forget about the rehab scandal under the Bush administration? I do not know how much direct knowledge Mr. Caldarola has about the VA situation, but that 97 percent of us direct users have found the VA health system more than adequate.

Contrary to the assertion made, DDT has been restricted, not banned. WHO has approved DDT for indoor use in at least 12 African countries for mosquito control. He says liberals banned DDT and insects have developed an immunity. While the second assertion is true it cannot be caused by banning, it could only be caused by using it. Try logic, it works.

The old pro-life argument then comes to the fore. It's odd that very few pro-life supporters have adopted these babies. Their interest seems to end abruptly when birth occurs.

A marine in a Mexican jail is probably there because he is accused of a civil crime in a foreign country. The Status of Forces agreements apply only to official actions, not events that occur on liberty.

The most amazing thing is that the death toll from liberals went from 50 million to 100 million in the space of three paragraphs. hocking!

James Prescott


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