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posted: 6/24/2014 5:01 AM

A step in favor of sanctity of life

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Elections have consequences. We saw a positive this month in the Sunshine State, where Florida Gov. Rick Scott signed a life-affirming bill prohibiting horrific late-term abortions. What a novel idea, banning abortions where physicians have determined the child will live outside the womb (24 weeks).

At the same time we saw abortion-on-demand feminist governor candidate Nan Rich and state Rep. Michelle Vasilinda oppose the law -- once again showing little common sense on any abortion restrictions.

This year came a statistic that should sadden and shame all of us: since 1973's Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton, 55 million children have been destroyed, as well as a large number of women violated physically and mentally. Medical science now provides sonograms and ultrasounds that provide a clear "window to the womb," no longer allowing supporters of abortion on demand to call the living growing child "a lump of tissue."

We see by 24 weeks the child can live outside the womb, and by 20 weeks the child experiences pain. Mothers are encouraged to speak and sing to their child, who recognizes her voice before and after delivery. Heart beat at three weeks, brain waves at six.

Only hypocrites and cowards with blinders can disregard medical facts such at these. When the life of child and mother have little value and respect, no one's life is safe.

Retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor got it right when she said "abortion is on a collision course with medical science." In the Roe decision, Justice Blackmun stated, "When we know when life begins, we can review our decision." The time has come!

Thank you, Gov. Scott, for taking a step to return sanctity of life for our children and mothers. Now we must end the scourge of all abortions within our country.

Jim Finnegan


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