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posted: 6/22/2014 5:01 AM

Finger-pointing between parties must end

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Pertaining to the June 3 letter, "Let's investigate the bigger issues," I would like to thank George Blinick for asking the Republicans if there is going to be a "witch hunt," as he called it, and if so, to make it a big one as there are plenty in their party who should be included. They seem to forget about the former administrations with their issues, misinformation to the American public, beginning with, as Mr. Blinick said, weapons of mass destruction that were never found, two wars, 6,000 killed GI's and numerous ones coming back with mental and physical injuries.

Everyone wants to blame the other party, so exhausting to watch, instead of focusing on the big picture -- which is the American people. Benghazi was a tragedy, absolutely, everyone agrees with that, but do they honestly think we don't see through their main objective -- the election of 2016 -- really?

Oh, and Monica Lewinsky, amazing how she just popped up out of nowhere recently -- seriously? Old news, nothing new there, move on, We certainly have, so it's comical when you bring that up.

I am very tired of everyone blaming the other side with none of them in Washington, and Illinois for that matter, working together for the voters who put them there. Plus, the hatred and disrespect is so obvious. So before you begin your "witch hunt," as Mr. Blinick refers to it, be sure to check out your own backyard and be careful what you wish for.

Thanks again, George, for your letter. No party is 100 percent right or wrong, but something had to be said to touch upon issues from all administrations, and what the next administration inherits from the previous.

Patricia Moore Fluhler


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