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posted: 6/20/2014 1:01 AM

Foreign, domestic policies in shambles

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Events are in play both abroad and here in the USA that are the direct result of ineptitude, cowardice, and the scandalous behavior of Obama and his administration who have botched foreign affairs and wreaked havoc on domestic issues to the detriment of the "common man."

Obama's withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq (before establishing security) has allowed al-Qaida and ISIS to claim northern Iraq and have allowed Hezbollah and Iran to gain sway in southern Iraq.

Obama's illegal release of the "Gitmo Five" adds more "Taliban fuel" to Afghanistan's unrest, and his hasty retreat from his Syrian "red line" has allowed that area to fall prey to Russian and other extremist influence.

Obama's premature and widely announced withdrawal of forces left us without allies, stability, and options in Syria, Iraq or even Afghanistan. Today, the area from Iran to Syria is dotted with deadly armed conflict that worsens day by day.

Surely oil production and transport are in harm's way as Obama "leads from behind" yet again.

Here in the USA, Obama (and his EPA) unilaterally implemented rigid standards that can't be met by coal-fired electric plants -- and nearly 40 percent of U.S. electricity comes from coal.

If that weren't enough, Obama can't find a way to approve the Keystone Pipeline (which adds jobs and reduces oil imports) despite having the application on his desk for four years.

And so folks, with our esteemed president asleep at the helm, I ask you, "What's in your wallet?"

Dale Plautz

Round Lake

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