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posted: 6/15/2014 5:01 AM

Voters' ignorance, apathy hurts all

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It is frustrating to hear the arguments about whether or not the Illinois income tax should remain at 5 percent. While Illinois is not the poorest state it has to be one of the poorest-run states in the union. For many politicians their No. 1 goal is to get votes and finances needed to retain their lucrative jobs. Whatever is good or bad for the state does not seem to matter anymore.

The tax question that needs to be answered is whether to cut and control spending, to raise taxes, to borrow more or to cut services. Anyone who has made a mortgage payment knows that most of the payments are for interest expense. Illinois is so far in debt now, credit rating is so poor, and our leaders continue to borrow more.

Michael Madigan and pals have done this for over 30 years but remain in power. Newspapers continue to reveal corruption and waste, the need for accountability, but the voters continue to keep these people in office. Voters deserve who they vote for, but ignorance or apathy of some affects all of us.

Debt is the slavery of the free, yet we voters continue to let this happen. We need responsibility and accountability in our leaders. We need common sense when using public funds, and we should spend only what we can afford.

If additional public services are needed, let the voters know the cost and whether they will pay for it in taxes. If that is not done the only answer is to raise taxes to cover the cost of a poorly run government, or borrow more and let our children pay it later.

Years ago a Chicago politician said, "we ain't ready for reform yet." That still holds today.

William McNutt

Des Plaines

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