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updated: 7/2/2014 10:42 AM

Vote if you want to stop the nonsense

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For those more liberal folks who are for any reason thinking that their vote won't matter next November, think again.

If you are in favor of clean air, clean water, more use of solar, wind, tidal and other renewable energy sources, then get out and vote.

If you are in favor of women's rights and being able to have affordable health insurance and care, and in favor of reversing the Supreme Court decision that allows wealthy people and corporations to buy our elections, then get out and vote.

If you are sick of ultraconservative Tea Party types wasting billions of dollars passing bills trying to weaken or destroy the Affordable Care Act, trying to impeach President Obama claiming he wasn't born in the U.S., or spending millions on more Benghazi hearings attempting to blame Hillary Clinton for the actions of Libyan terrorist groups, then get out and vote.

If you think paying below survival-level wages to lower level workers while the CEO or owner of that business makes up to 700 times as much, then get out and vote.

If you were angry over the U.S. government outright lying to its citizens, the Congress, and the news media in order to use 9/11 to start two wars, then get out of the house this November in your American "can do" spirit and vote.

If you don't want to see a repeat of the 2007-08 meltdown of our economy because banking and corporate interests eliminated the laws put in during the 1930s to protect us from rogue banking and investment institutions running amok, then vote.

You may use the best, easiest way for you by voting by mail, by voting early, or by jumping out of bed on Election Day and saying I'm going to get 'er done!

Jim Peterson

Hoffman Estates

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