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posted: 6/12/2014 12:01 AM

Bergdahl probe more GOP bluster

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Bergdahl probe more GOP bluster

Surprise, surprise ... another Republican Congressional investigation. Instead of passing legislation, the Tea Party-led GOP is planning to investigate the release of Bowe Bergdahl in exchange for five Taliban captives held at Guantanamo.

Is it so difficult to understand that we always try to bring American prisoners of war home? Would you volunteer for military service if you thought you would be abandoned if captured? I don't think so. It would undermine our military.

The five Taliban pose little threat in Qatar. They will be monitored as part of the arrangement and watched by our intelligence services. Do you think the CIA and NSA would just forget about them? I seriously doubt that we would look the other way if they attempted to re-enter Afghanistan.

Don't Republicans realize that governments negotiate with terrorists all the time. Reagan did so with Iran, France and Europe spent over $100 million in ransom in the last three years to get their people released by extremists and Israel recently traded over 1,000 Palestinian prisoners to get their soldiers back. So, the swap for Bergdahl is not unusual at all.

So, instead of clamoring for another investigation the Tea Party GOP should stop the hypocrisy and do their job. Focus on passing legislation extending unemployment benefits, raising the minimum wage, repairing infrastructure, reforming our energy policy and using background checks to slow down the rash of gun violence across the country.

The military is already investigating why Bowe Bergdahl left his post and the circumstances just prior to his capture. Let them do their job and celebrate the release of an American prisoner of war with Bergdahl parents.

Maybe Ted Cruz and the Tea Partyers should thank their lucky stars they weren't held in Pakistan for five years and focus on what is important.

Tom Minnerick


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