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posted: 6/11/2014 12:01 AM

Look to nearby states on income tax

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Look to nearby states on income tax

Not sure why our news people do not break out facts about the Illinois income tax and how it compares to surrounding states. At least I have not seen anything so I did some research on Google.

We hear a lot about 5 percent vs. 3.5 percent. Please look at what the reduction will do to the social services in our state. I agree with many saying our state government is not addressing debt and needs to give us a plan and work the plan.

Illinois and Indiana have flat rate taxes. This means that the poorest and the wealthiest pay the same rate. This is called a regressive tax. Why don't the wealthiest pay more?

Iowa and Wisconsin have progressive tax structures, which means you pay more as you earn more. Iowa is 0.36 percent to 8.9 percent. Wisconsin is 4.4 percent to 7.65 percent. Is this not fair?

If Illinois used this model, we could get to a balanced budget and repay debt without hurting those most vulnerable in our state. Please ask your state representative and senator to look at this.

Deb Martin


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