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posted: 6/9/2014 5:01 AM

Be ready for higher electric bills

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President Obama unveiled his clean air initiative last week. I hate to disappoint everyone, but it won't amount to anything but higher electric bills and could also lead to rolling blackouts. I understand the technology doesn't even exist today for power plants to meet the demands of the EPA. It will do nothing but kill jobs and growth and push this nation further into a recession.

Our president is succeeding in the fundamental transformation of this country. With the threat of massive inflation and $20 trillion in debt, it's no time for the White House to kill jobs and the economy. If you hear the Obama administration tell you shutting down power plants and tuning to wind and solar are going to create jobs and lower costs, you better know it's just another one of Obama's many lies to this nation.

Anyone who believes this nation hasn't done its part in cleaning up the planet and now wants to impose draconian regulations that power plants can't reasonably comply with and shut down power plants -- while other nations pollute like there is no tomorrow -- is no friend of the American people. With a president like this, who needs enemies?

Tom Ploski

Mount Prospect

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