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posted: 6/9/2014 5:01 AM

Elitists fear giving up power

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Mr. George Blinick's June 3 letter to the editor motivated me to respond to something I've been thinking about for years. Why can't the liberal elitists ever admit that they are wrong or admit to making a mistake?

I think I have the answer. They simply can't. If they did, they would be admitting they are not the most intelligent and knowledgeable individuals in the world, capable of making the best decisions for us lesser intelligent individuals.

Who would tell us what to eat, what to drive, what to wear, where to get our energy, where to get our medical treatment, what to think if it wasn't the liberal elitists?

And if they were proven fallible, what good would they then be? That is why our president, Harry, Nancy and company will try to spin the most ridiculous scenarios instead of admitting they made a mistake.

And when the spin is even too ridiculous for us commoners to accept, they go to the blame game, attempting to prove they are still smarter than the masses.

When Mr. Blinick questions why we're questioning the ridiculous Benghazi story, he moves right into the blame game. Yes, Benghazi was a tragedy he says, but what about Bush? He was so much worse. What about Condoleezza Rice? Certainly she was worse than Hillary.

So, I guess the point is, maybe elitists aren't really that much smarter than we are. They just want us to believe they are so they can continue to make decisions for us.

For this common conservative, I'd like the chance to make my own decisions and if I make a mistake, you won't get spin or the blame game.

Rob Fosness


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