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posted: 6/7/2014 5:01 AM

Rise up to protest handling of VA

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Why aren't the veterans and their supporters massing on the National Mall of Washington, D. C.?

Throughout history, the Mall has been the site of many gatherings to rally the focus of public attention. Surely the events of the past few weeks have exposed a level of disrespect to our military heretofore unseen in previous presidential administrations.

The campaigning President Obama gave what we now know as nothing more than lip service to the deficiencies of the VA. He rallied support through promises of changes. In essence, he used popular sentiment about veterans as political capital to advance his presidential campaign.

And now, as we can see by the record of his behavior during six years of his presidency, he spoke and did nothing -- a now-familiar modus operandi.

Let there be no mistake about it, the shortcomings of the VA were exposed from within rather than, as promised, being addressed by the office of the president.

The release of high-level human military assets to the Taliban through an unauthorized and ill-advised hostage exchange only serves to further profane the sacrifices of the military and endanger us.

Yet, it seems that we are comfortably satisfied with media coverage and analysis of more hearings and sound bites from legislators who willingly speak to both sides of the issues but do nothing. Enough with hearings and investigations. Barack Obama is our elected president and unfortunately our commander in chief as ascribed by Article II of the Constitution. It's time to demonstrate that we find his current behavior in that role to address known deficiencies in the VA and protect our interests against enemy combatants as unsatisfactory. It's time that we demonstrably celebrate our veterans, demand necessary changes in how they are treated, and heal the indignities suffered.

Shall we gather at the Mall?

Ron Bearwald