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posted: 6/7/2014 5:01 AM

A lot of money spent chasing this ghost

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I must be in the category of a "denier" as well after reading the letter from Mr. Rugh lamenting why we don't just "accept the science of global warming."

Mr. Rugh cited a 23 year span (1991-2013) where he says the vast majority of articles written by scientists referring to that period basically agreed with global warming.

The issue is not whether some global warming (and cooling) occurs but rather whether we truly believe humans are a greater force in nature than the heavens and earth. The planet is several million years old and has gone through significant warming and cooling periods well before humans had any impact. Should we be blaming the dinosaurs for one of those cycles? I didn't realize they drove cars back then.

Mr. Rugh must be buying into the belief that we can somehow "solve" this issue by doing exactly what? The experts that do the weather can't even tell us what the forecast will be a few days out but they are exactly positive on the global warming issue about whose fault it is.

As the saying goes, every time there is a "crisis" follow the trail of money. A lot of people seem willing to yet again allow their government to spend even more money chasing this ghost. The older you get the more you realize that the "experts" are fallible.

Don Eliasek


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