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posted: 5/26/2014 5:01 AM

Science has sold out on climate change

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Recently, the Daily Herald printed a "Guest view" article by two University of Illinois staff members regarding climate change. In the 1970s it was global cooling. When the Earth switched back to its natural warming cycle, all of the predictions of an encroaching ice age disappeared and the threats of global warming were proclaimed.

Around 2010, the Earth started shifting back into its natural cooling cycle, so since then it has been all about "climate change." The propagandists of climate change cherry-pick whatever weather abnormalities they can and ignore the mountain of evidence that disproves the climate change hoax.

And what do the University of Illinois writers report? That the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has warned that we have around 15 years to make significant changes, etc. etc. But in 1992, a global warming symposium in Reno made the same claim -- 15 years to disaster. Five years later, the Kyoto Accord gave us 10 more years. But the predicted year of disaster, 2007, came and went several years ago, and still we have only 15 years.

The left has promoted the hoax for one reason: Control of the energy industry, and in ways that Barack Obama said if his carbon tax plans are passed, your energy costs will necessarily skyrocket.

This is why science cannot be the final judge on issues like evolution or climate change. Scientists have sold out any integrity science once had for political propaganda.

David Caldarola

Hoffman Estates

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