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posted: 5/25/2014 12:01 AM

A big snow globe, flying through space

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A big snow globe, flying through space

Michael Mondach in his May 20 letter believes there is no global warming. OK, so the scientists down in the Antarctic and in Greenland doing the ice bore samples are wasting their time?

They can check CO2 levels going back hundreds of years. So far they have found at no time has our atmosphere ever had the level of CO2 that it has now. Over 90 percent of climate scientists agree that global warming is real.

Several years back the Daily Herald published an article about a scientist who was hired by the oil and gas industries to disprove global warming. He even came around and discounted the people who hired him. (I'm sure the Koch brothers were mad on that one as they were the lead guys.)

I like to put it simply. We are like a big snow globe flying through space. Can we really afford to be treating Mother Earth this way? The planet is becoming overpopulated. Where are we going to find another like it? Our telescopes have been looking for awhile. They came up with one finally. 500 light years from Earth.

Maybe Mr. Mondach knows how we can get there when this planet is done.

So the planet will last awhile. But what about our children, and their children? I guess they don't matter to those with their head in the sand.

Edward Tobolik


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