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posted: 5/23/2014 12:01 AM

GOP policy: Oil, regardless of cost

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GOP policy: Oil, regardless of cost

The Republicans want to drill more oil wells, support more "fracking," build the XL Pipeline and continue with the massive tax breaks that are nothing more than a subsidy to the most profitable companies in the world.

They aren't concerned with the oil spills, exploding railroad tank cars, increasing methane gas released into the atmosphere or threats to our water supply. Go after more oil regardless of the consequences.

At the same time, the Republicans are pursuing a policy of more drill exploration, they refuse to believe that humans driving millions of cars, electric generating plants and more high-rise building are responsible for the polluting the atmosphere and water. The deny climate change even as temperatures increase and sea levels rise. How convenient for them to endorse policies that their billionaire supporters are clamoring for.

So, the Republican position is to support tax subsidies which facilitates more oil exploration that fuels climate change. Meanwhile, the GOP is denying the planet is warming despite overwhelming scientific proof that it is. Well, they probably don't believe in science either.

And back at the pump, American consumers are paying more to fill their gas tanks because OPEC is cutting back as we ramp up oil production. Next, the GOP will advocate signing a trade agreement supplying Europe with oil and national gas. Wait to you see what that will do to our gas prices at the pump while we continue to pollute the planet.

Tom Minnerick


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