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posted: 5/14/2014 5:01 AM

White House was silent on embassy attack

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On the day of the attack of our embassy and Ambassador Stevens in Libya, where was the White House or State Department "special report" interruption on TV or on any news outlet? Where was the outrage from the president or the secretary of state denouncing this attack on Americans -- and assuring all of us that they were making plans to help rescue them? Where were the pictures of the president and his security team monitoring this crisis, like we were shown over and over again with Osama bin Laden?

This attack went on for many, many hours, and I'm sure that our personnel in Libya thought that help and rescue were on the way. Over the last five years, the president has always been quick to respond to any racism event that occurs, quick to call and praise an athlete who announces he is gay, quick to call or tweet about "fluff" news reports. But when an American embassy is under attack and Americans are eventually murdered, we had silence from the White House and silence from the secretary of state. Is that when the cover-up lie about a video causing this tragedy happened?

Ambassador Stevens and others in Libya had pleaded for more security in previous weeks and months, but I believe that the White House and the secretary of state were too busy running a re-election campaign to care.

Judy Dudek


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