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posted: 5/14/2014 12:01 AM

Need a governor not afraid to make waves

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Need a governor not afraid to make waves

I am writing to disagree with the April 27 letter from Bill Sarto, where he states that he will not vote for Bruce Rauner for governor because he does not want a governor who is "going to drive the career politicians nuts."

While I normally tend to vote Democratic, I plan on voting for Rauner. For too long, we have had governors, either Republican or Democrat, who were willing to go along with the state legislature without making waves, and what has it gotten us?

1. Illinois is in worse financial shape than any state in the union, including California.

2. Our pensions and benefits for public employees are out of line with what public employees get in most other states, and way out of line with what virtually anyone in the private sector gets. (Only 13 percent of people in the private sector actually get a pension anymore.). And while everyone has talked of reform, nothing concrete has been put in place yet.

3. Our taxes are among the highest in the nation, and we still are nowhere near balancing the budget. And we really don't get all that much for our taxes.

No, for once I want a governor who is actually going to drive the career politicians nuts and reform state government. If it takes publicly embarrassing Michael Madigan and others on TV to do so, I am fine with that. So I plan on voting for Bruce Rauner in November.

Gary Koca

Pingree Grove

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