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posted: 5/8/2014 12:01 AM

An exception to 'guns everywhere'

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An exception to 'guns everywhere'

I hardly know where to begin after reading the letter from Steve Zahareas of Schaumburg ("Gun-free zones tell bad guys where to go," May 4). His shotgun blast (no pun intended) includes the liberal media, progressives, lunatics, progressive politicians, and so forth.

I do acknowledge that concealed carry holders have stopped some crimes in progress. I would also point out that concealed carry holders have also, in their apparent eagerness to stop a crime, literally shot themselves in the foot. There was a case not too long ago where a concealed carry holder started a firefight with an armed robber; the only injury -- a grazing -- was to the concealed carry holder's child.

Most gun owners are responsible law-abiding citizens. Mr. Zahareas notes that part of the problem is a "bad guy with a gun." Well, we can start to keep guns away from the bad guys by expanding background checks, close loopholes that allow unregulated purchases, and support tougher penalties for violators, including those who participate in "straw purchases."

I also have an answer to the letter-writer's concluding question regarding why politicians don't have gun-free zones. Georgia just enacted its so-called "guns everywhere" law. This allows guns in churches, airports (outside the TSA security zone), bars, schools (just the teachers, thankfully) and so forth. One exception to "guns everywhere"? The Georgia Statehouse.

Michael A. Rugh

Lake in the Hills

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