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posted: 5/6/2014 12:01 AM

Partisan politics above all else

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Partisan politics above all else

The same Republicans who got us involved in Iraq are complaining that President Obama's foreign policy is "leading from behind." Well, I for one am glad he hasn't followed the advice of GOP neocons to get bogged down in another quagmire.

Apparently, the Republicans will never learn that we cannot be the world's policemen. They wanted us to intervene militarily in Libya, then Syria, then Iran and now Ukraine. I thought they are supposed to be concerned about American lives at risk, Veterans recovering from wounds received in Iraq and Afghanistan and the federal budget deficit? Yet, they want to make all of it worse.

If the Europeans are concerned about Russia annexing Crimea and causing unrest in eastern Ukraine, send troops and spend millions of dollars to challenge Vladimir Putin on his doorstep. We already pay 75 percent of the NATO budget while Europe invests in infrastructure, technology and jobs. They have discovered that "leading from behind" has worked well since the end of World War II.

Why do Republicans criticize the president for being "feckless" and "weak"? For the same reason they have blocked his domestic agenda. Because their sole goal is for him to fail, regardless of the adverse impact on America. Partisan politics is more important to the GOP than anything else.

Tom Minnerick


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