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posted: 5/1/2014 5:01 AM

Time will tell what 'right side of history' is

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The other day the Obama administration announced it had hit their goal of 7 million signed up for Obamacare. After months no specific numbers, we are told it is now exactly 7.1 million people. It reminded me of how they somehow hit their needed unemployment number just in time before the last election.

So now they want to celebrate hitting this number although they still can't tell us how many have paid, how many are getting heavily subsidized or how many of these were actually previously uninsured. I am pretty sure if these numbers were available we would all be wondering if all the time, confusion, disruption and hundreds of billions of dollars was worth it.

But this is our new reality. After months of congressional testimony we are all more confused and know less about Benghazi then we did a year ago. The IRS scandal seems to be going nowhere as leading witnesses take the Fifth and tell us it could take years to sort out the emails. I ask even the hard-core liberals to be honest and ask yourself what the response to these situations would be if there was a Bush in the White House. I doubt it would be getting edged out of the news cycle by a missing plane or climate change.

So on we go with our leadership presenting our status, both foreign and domestic, in a way that suites their political agenda regardless of how far off they are or how much potential damage it might cause. Our president's newest catchphrase is "The wrong side of history," often used to describe anyone who disagrees with him. I believe when the statute of limitations runs out on political correctness, history will show how dishonest and damaging our current period was.

Marc Thomsen

Elk Grove Village

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