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posted: 4/28/2014 12:01 AM
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I have lived in Elgin since 1977 and I have been very pleased with this city, until now. let me give you a review.

At our old house we had a small but intense fire in our attic, the Elgin fire department did an outstanding job on controlling the damage and clean up. I was impressed by their speed and compassion. I was grateful for the care they took of our things that they had to move to put out the fire.

Now in our next house, which we have lived here for 11 years. On Jan. 26, 2014, the city sewer backed up into our basement with foul sewer water and smell, which destroyed our newly fully finished basement. The city workers came out and came to my basement took pictures and said they had a jam in the main sewers out front. The workers jetted it open and filled out a report, gave me a copy showing and stating it was the city's fault. The workers took pictures and said it was going to cost the city a big bill. I called the legal department two days later as was instructed to do. I talked to the lady in charge who sent me a form to fill out and stated to attached all copies of repair bills and return to the city of Elgin for reimbursement.

I have now been told they will not pay the bills because their insurance company says city is not responsible for their sewer lines. Why are the people of Elgin responsible for the sewer lines on their property but the city is not responsible on their city property? This is not fair to me or any other homeowner. What's going to happen this spring if the city sewer's back up again or break down? Are all of Elgin's propertyholders going to foot the city's bill? Where is all our tax dollars going to? Why are insurance companies running our city? If this happen to our mayor's house, would they tell him the city would not pay the claim?

I am very disappointed in the public works department and the weak-minded legal department. Now we have to get lawyers involved which cost more for the city and the homeowner, not to mention the bad feelings and press.

Shame on you City of Elgin!

Marie Langenbach


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