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posted: 4/28/2014 1:01 AM

Are movie critics biased against religion?

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How sad is it to see a heartfelt historical portrayal and beautiful production "Son of God" given a "Pits" rating as presented in your movie guide section.

The extremely distasteful and inept comments degrading the actors had nothing to do with the content of the movie. Perhaps it was the absence of the official ratings which include (D) drugs, (L) foul language (5) sexual situations, references (V) violence that put this movie in this category.

The violence that did occur was not manufactured but part of the historical record. In reviewing the "Picks" selection reviews, they are heavily filled with the above descriptions with a few children movies the exception. Could it be the intention of the guide to denounce any religious presentation and glorify any demonic, or other evil-based plot movie and those against

religion which may influence the movie goers?

Putting movies of a religious nature may be better served by placing them in the "Unpreviewed" section and let the movie public make up their own mind instead of being influenced by the critics choices.

Perhaps the results would be a better attendance and selection of movies.

Arlene Meyer


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