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posted: 4/26/2014 12:01 AM

Halt direction GOP is taking the country

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The importance of the midterm election cannot be overstated. The continued obstructionism of the Republican controlled House of Representatives will only continue if Democrats and Independents don't come together to change the status quo.

The Republicans in the House overwhelmingly passed the proposed Ryan Budget. The budget is a blueprint of Republican intentions for the future. It would slash $5 trillion over the next decade, by making sharp cuts to domestic programs while providing more funding to the Pentagon. The budget proposes deep cuts in education, health research, grants to local governments, food stamps, Pell grants and farm subsidies.

Cuts would be made to Medicare and Medicaid, changing Medicare to a voucher system for future retirees, a system which will not keep up with increasing medical costs. The Ryan budget also eliminates coverage and subsidies for insurance under the ACA.

All of these cuts would be made at the expense of the middle class, poor, elderly, sick and students. The 99 percent are again told to bear the burden of reduced government spending in order to balance the budget. The 1 percent and corporations so greatly favored by Republicans are again provided with reduced tax rates or are allowed to avoid paying taxes all together.

This is where Republicans want to take the country; it is up to each of us to take responsibility for stopping the callous disregard for the needs of average Americans that conservative Republicans continually display. It is important that we support Dennis Anderson, the Democratic candidate for U.S. Representative from the 14th District. He is compassionate and caring and will work to improve the lives of everyday people.

Change for the better can happen, it is up to you the voter. Voting is a privilege that we all too often take for granted.

Karen Williams


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