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posted: 4/17/2014 5:01 AM

Business is what drives prosperity

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This is in response to Dave Troland's piece on April 3 that it's not prudent to run a state like a business. Really? Then how should it be run? Because as of now it hasn't been, and look at the mess Illinois is in.

It was pointed out that Safeway and Verizon left or laid off workers in our state. If I'm not mistaken, Safeway owns Dominick's, which exited the Illinois market after facing competition from other grocers who figured out how to gain customers and market share. Jobs lost from Safeway were gains for Jewel, Whole Foods and Mariano's.

As a business, Verizon has a responsibility to its shareholders (that would be anyone who invests in this company) to determine the best way to thrive profitability. When the cell bill goes up, the first thing consumers do is look for a deal elsewhere. Should we feel bad for Verizon if this happens? Should we force people to stay with it, even when they can save money elsewhere? Should we force companies to keep employees even when they can do well with less?

Most workers do create value in their job, but not every job makes an equal contribution to the business; thus there are entry level, temporary and part-time jobs that provide employment but were not meant to solely support an individual or family.

Businesses are not the enemy. Some may not be run as effectively as they could be, but they provide jobs and careers for those willing to work. But no worries, Mr. Troland. Thanks to our poor excuse for a governor and all-powerful House speaker -- who cast businesses and "the rich" in a negative light, then make deals with them to assure re-election -- Illinois will continue to lose companies to "business-friendly" states.

Karen Coakley


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