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posted: 4/9/2014 5:01 AM

GOP becoming party of selfishness

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Thank you, Mr. Skeet (Your Views, March 24), I didn't know I had such a devoted follower; now if you could only understand what I wrote. I did not recommend reinstating a draft. I simply said it was a mistake to abolish it. The point is that the maintenance of the country is not an act of charity dependent on the largesse of the individual -- it is the obligation of every citizen and the best way you can teach that is through a national service system such as the Swiss and Israelis have. The last two generations have not picked up the concept that freedom is not free.

Perhaps one is not a racist, or a social/economic bigot. But, if you support voter suppression laws that affect only the poor or minorities, or deny health care to groups that are primarily economic or racial in nature, exactly what term do you apply? A patriotic American? Perhaps if there were a need to prevent widespread voter fraud you would have an argument. But, when your desire is only to suppress the votes of those unlikely to vote for you, there is nothing different between you and why the vote to join Russia was conducted only in Crimea and not the entire Ukraine.

Suppose one supports radical cuts in food stamps to veterans, children, unemployed, minorities, etc. while maintaining farm subsidies to General Electric -- exactly which of the Ten Commandments are you following? Thou shalt maintain maximum selfishness?

I used to be a Republican leaner until the party became enamored and controlled by moral midgets and arm chair patriots. The Democrats also have their peccadillos that don't sit well with me, but at least when they get their way people don't lose homes, go hungry or have to fend for themselves when they are sick.

James Prescott


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