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posted: 4/9/2014 12:01 AM

Confront problems on military bases

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Confront problems on military bases

Another shooting rampage at Fort Hood. Can't this administration and Congress get the problem that's happening on our military bases?

The first problem is health care for our troops coming home from combat situations with mental health problems, PTSD, and other catastrophic injuries. These young men and women go into harm's way to protect this country and we come up short protecting them through the V.A.

This administration is taking away the funding to help young troops and our retired vets. This is a disgrace to the military. According to a "book" by Senator Coburn there is so much fraud and abuse in unnecessary government programs that the money could better fund our military and V.A. programs.

The other problem is protecting our troops on U.S. bases. The outcome of this tragic incident may have been different if someone in the first building he entered had had a weapon and could have stopped him in three minutes instead of the 10-plus minutes it took the Military Police to arrive and confront him to apprehend him.

Instead he drew his gun and shot himself. These men and women are taught to handle guns properly and safely yet they can't carry to protect themselves. This should be investigated and some new criteria set up for "conceal and carry" protection of solders on our U.S. bases.

This administration and our commander-in-chief doesn't like the military so they are downsizing and taking away funding to help and protect this brave and voluntary military.

Judy Olsen


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