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posted: 4/7/2014 5:01 AM

Vote in new people to end the corruption

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When the politicians tried to pass the Illinois income tax they said it was needed to support the schools. They put it on the ballot and the people voted no, but the state passed it anyway.

When the lottery was pushed, they said it was needed to support the schools, and they passed it (even though the people were never told only 1 percent went to the schools). Then when they wanted to introduce the casinos they said it was needed to support the schools, and they made it happen.

The people of Illinois are lied to by every way possible by the Democrats to get whatever they want. They never live by a budget and reduce wasted spending. Funny how they took the teachers pension money and nobody knew they were doing that, and now we have a problem.

It is time the people of Illinois, and especially Cook County, throw out every Democrat and put anyone in office who has never been there to change the way the city, county and state are run. Get rid of Mike Madigan and his corrupt political machine.

The city and county have been run by the alderman who do the bidding for the leaders to get your votes to continue their corrupt government. That is how and why the CTA, the RTA unions help continue putting them in office. Until the people of Chicago and Cook County wake up the corruption will continue.

James H. Schurr


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