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posted: 4/6/2014 12:01 AM

Put efforts into stopping real waste

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Put efforts into stopping real waste

It is interesting to observe as a new concept is proposed, gathers support, and becomes written as proposed legislation. However, sometimes this process is just wrong, no matter how many jump on the bandwagon. I am referring to the attempt to squash the 13th check received by IMRF retirees.

This ideal was first published in the Daily Herald on Feb. 5 in an article by Jake Griffin. Then legislation was proposed by Deborah Conroy (D-Elmhurst). Unfortunately, what everybody seems to have missed are the facts as presented by IMRF people and also in an article by Allen Panek of Naperville, Daily Herald letter published Feb. 13. Quite simply, the 13th check is a portion of each pension that is earned and paid by IMRF, and is not an extra "perk" or a "bump" or a "bonus."

You see, I am one of these "dreadful" people receiving this payment. Since I worked for a municipality for 32 years, and this makes my problem with this proposed legislation personal. Yes, the taxpayers have provided my salary, and even now part of my retirement benefits.

Let me assure you I can stand before all taxpayers, politicians and journalists and state I earned my pay by performing my duties in a professional and competent manner to the best of my abilities. I find it reprehensible that a portion of earned retirement is being taken away, while the truth of the matter is not being accurately portrayed by the politicians or the journalists.

It has been written that discontent is often the prerequisite for progress. Illinois has a serious financial crisis pertaining to pension funding, However the 13th check from IMRF is not a problem. Please put your efforts into stopping some of the actual fraud and waste that needs to be corrected.

Paul T. Miller


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