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posted: 4/5/2014 12:01 AM

Long list of things Democrats despise

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Long list of things Democrats despise

You can always tell what Democrats despise, they hate big business so they target them for demonization and sue them relentlessly, they despise the rich so they target them with high tax threats and class warfare rhetoric, they believe in man made global warming despite the contrary evidence so they target any business or industry, or people they believe contributes to what is really natural warming, they believe the earth is over populated so they fight hard for abortions, they support Obamacare which intends to take care of the elderly, you know the "take a pill" comment from the president, they hate the strength of the U.S. so they embolden our enemies and distance our friends, and work toward weakening our military which has freed and saved more people than any other country in the world,

They have a dislike for white America so they continually drum the race card whenever it is convenient. They hate religions so they target them with slander when it is convenient.

What do they believe in? Utopia, which does not and will not exist as long as people are free, which of course is why they work hard at controlling people and diminishing there rights, whether they are man made or God given.

Martin J. Uttich

Carol Stream

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